Growth Through Dimensional Healing

I, Archangel Metatron, am known to have incarnated throughout numerous lives here upon the earthly plane, and so I do have knowing of the human condition when existing within the dualistic behavioral systems that the Earth and all sentient beings have experienced due to the lowered vibratory field of conflictual existence. The Earth was once a planet of pristine beauty and harmonious existence. However, what has transpired for many eons of time, as you perceive it, the earthly realm has experienced much suffering and pain, as the clarity and divine purpose in being has been obscured from the Truth of Creator’s Loving Presence within All Beings.

It is now a time of immense and dire need that all beings existing recognize the need to awaken into the truth of who they truly are, so that they may ascend into the conscious co-creation of the New Paradigm on Earth. It is for those who read these words to employ my channel for further healing and clearing of all that may obstruct your growth, so that you may become an expression of the joy and presence of your divinity here upon the planet at this juncture.

Do not feel this transformation is one of rapid experience, for it is indeed likened to the growth of a flower that opens to the sun with ease and grace without effort, nor without obscuration of the sun’s light beaming upon it. So that its growth and expansion are of a natural occurrence, as you, Dear One, are indeed a natural Being of Light. And when the obscurations are removed, you may also flower with ease and assurance that you are embraced by the Light of the Creator and So It Is.

About Archangel Metatron

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I, Archangel Metatron, reside at the Multi-Universal level of Being, and so what this entails is that I am able to attune my conscious presence to all Beings within these realms of existence simultaneously, with single focus throughout. It is as though I am you in a more expanded presence encompassing the Oneness of All Creation. However, do not confuse who I am with that of the Creator, for I am an individuated being and so am existing in tandem with the infinite array of Divine Beings existing as aspects of the Creator throughout the Multiverse and Beyond.

I have experienced numerous lifetimes on Earth, as well as other planets throughout the dimensional realms in Being. I consciously choose to incarnate upon various localities so as to anchor my energetic presence into specific points along various timelines where my energies can alter and uplift a current course of events.

You understand the significant difference certain individuals have made in incarnating upon the Earth such as Jesus, Buddha, and
Muhammad, to name a few. These incarnate beings are present so that they may alter and uplift those living at that particular juncture, so as to bring greater consciousness and harmony into their existence, and to those in the future. And So It Is.

About My Channel

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My channel, Ruth Anne Rhine, has indeed much experience in bringing forth with great clarity and truth my messages of healing, clearing, and guidance, to those she has served through her ability to connect into the higher dimensional realms of Being. We have worked together for years, and she is indeed a channel of light who wishes to serve all who ask for assistance. She does healing sessions with animals, as well as humankind, for she understands that animals are Divine Beings also in their process of growth and illumination.

Ruth Anne has practiced many healing modalities over the years, and her most recent modality entitled, ‘Restructuring Realities,’ was channeled directly to her from myself, Archangel Metatron. She understands the nature of how I work through condensing healing intentions to encompass much content in order to comprehensively clear and heal vast areas within the entire Being and Soul of the individual she focuses upon.  

While anchoring my intentions into the earthly dimension, Ruth Anne remotely records all messages and intentions I orchestrate for the purpose of your healing session. She is a being of conscious connectivity to the One of All That Is, and so I, Archangel Metatron, do hereby assure you that she is pure in her intent and ability to receive my Truth. And So It Is.

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