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“Having a session with Ruth Anne was life-saving. The stress I had because of family and job really reached to places within me that I didn't realize were affecting me so much. Ruth Anne reduced my stress by clearing those parts of my unconscious that were preventing me from meeting my current situation with positivity.  Ruth Anne is absolutely amazing. I sleep better, and my headaches decreased as my stress subsided.”

Martha Biggs

"When I first adopted my dog Oscar he was obviously traumatized from experiences with his past owners, and by working with Ruth Anne he was able to process and release his anxiety and insecurity, allowing him to fully embrace his new family with an open heart.”

Kairo H.

"I did not know what to expect, but reading the lengthy communication from Dear Metatron first centered me, and then brought me to tears, speaking directly to my heart, my mind, and spirit. I received valuable information on my health, the sadness I can feel, and the reminder that there is no separation between me and the loved ones who have passed.”

Norma Novy

“I’ve received many Channeling’s from healers over decades and Ruth Anne is one of the clearest. The information is delivered in warmth and care. It’s concise, and to the point, and useful in my everyday life. I trust her completely.”

Sabina Cass

"The healing sessions Ruth Anne Rhine did for me with Archangel Metatron were very powerful and comprehensive. Her reading covered every aspect of my life, including things I have never discussed with anyone that she picked up on and addressed in my session. I was impressed with her accurate assessments and her ability to clear so much in such a short time. I would highly recommend her healing sessions with AA Metatron."

Lauren T.

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