3 Easy Steps to Arrange an Individual Session
For Yourself, Your Child, or Your Animal Companion

AFTER YOUR REMOTE SESSION you will receive an email with an audio recording (mp3), as well as a written transcript of Archangel Metatron's message, so you may understand what is being cleared, healed, and any suggestions he has for you
(on the day of your session by 5:00PM Pacific Time).
Any further questions regarding your session may be emailed to: ra@metatron.love
*Note* There is nothing for you to do to receive this healing session. It is an unfolding process. It is always helpful to drink plenty of water. Taking a walk, or soaking in a warm bath can be grounding.

1. In the email below send the Day you select for your Session ~ Available Days are Highlighted ~ OR ~ you may ask for the 1st available Session ~

Confirmation Will Be Emailed within 24 - 48 Hours

2. Email Below: 1 to 4 Concerns along with your Date of Session

3. Select Payment Option Below 1, 2, or 3 ~ for your Session

Option 1 - $50__1 area of concern
Option 2 - $75__2 areas of concern
Option 3 -$100__3 to 4 areas of concern

Select Session 1, 2, or 3
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