How Remote Sessions Happen

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Ruth Anne is a dimensional channel, and so your physical presence is not required to be with her, as I, Archangel Metatron, communicate through her what I view from my perspective upon your timeline.

Once you have chosen an appointed time with Ruth Anne, you may email her your concerns you wish for me to address. She shall at that appointed time convey your concerns regarding whatever inhibits your growth, be it that of an emotional, mental or physical nature, or in regard to a relationship, personal finances, life guidance, or any other matter of imbalance you are experiencing.

She channels my message to you while anchoring and invoking the clearing and healing around these concerns into your dimensional earthly existence. And my healing permeates throughout your entire Being and Soul, throughout all Dimensions of your Being, so that the healing taking place is complete and comprehensive.

Ruth Anne then emails your written message and audio recording informing you of what has been cleared and healed, and also any suggestions that may enhance your understanding of what will bring you greater success in living. I do not make decisions for you, as it is up to you through your free will choice to do so. I do, however, give helpful information that may give you insight into your situation, so you are assisted in making the best choice or change in your current circumstance. Be assured your session material is confidential, and you are the sole recipient of my message.

This being said I, Archangel Metatron, shall reside within your heart and offer support in all you do, so that the best possible outcome is attained. This Is So and So It Is.

What Sessions Accomplish

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What is accomplished through these healing sessions is much clearing of angst, sorrow, grief, fear, and trauma, not only in this current lifetime, but in all lifetimes and timelines of your experience throughout all Dimensions of your Being. Some concerns may be simple and some may be more complex.
For example, should you wish for greater financial security, there may be much to clear that is not directly associated with money, such as feelings of unworthiness and the underlying trauma at its core. Much can be involved in clearing and healing what would hinder the aspect of one’s financial situation.

Another example would be when one is clearing much grief. There may be feelings of sadness that filter throughout your day, and then again you may not feel emotional in this way at all. In some instances there can be immediate experience of healing depending on the concern and one’s readiness to release the underlying obscuration.

Do know that much that is cleared and healed may be outside of your conscious awareness, and it may take time to filter into your conscious reality. Every individual and every circumstance is different, and so it is an individual process.

In general you may experience a greater lightness in being and greater ease in manifesting in the areas addressed. You may also receive suggestions that may not have been within your enquiry, should I find something that needs your attention regarding your health and overall wellbeing.

Beyond this, all suggestions and all clearing/healing intentions are to be regarded as a means to move you forward in life with greater fulfillment in Being. I, Archangel Metatron, nor my channel, diagnose medical conditions and treatment. Any suggestions are to be considered through your own discretion.

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