The Purpose Of This Site by Archangel Metatron

It is for those who seek liberation from pain and suffering in order to ascend into the Heavenly Realms of Being, to receive my healing grace so as to recover and embody their Truth in Being here, as they exist within the earthly realms.

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It is for those who wish to receive my guidance and healing energies throughout all dimensions of their being and beyond, to seek me. Thus, I am able to assist you with your current incarnation, and also, all past incarnations, so that all suffering and trauma that inhibits your growth may be cleared and healed.

To heal and clear throughout all dimensions of your being is to access your entire energetic stream manifest throughout all realms of your existence, such as your earthly realm, and your celestial realm, and all dimensions inbetween. You see, you exist not only within this physical reality, you also exist throughout a dimensional expression of your soul’s presence within the inner realms of Being. Thus, the clearing and healing received is one that is complete and comprehensive throughout your entire Being and Soul.

This process takes time, as all received is determined through your own free will choice, and your ability to let go of that which impedes your spiritual development. For you are then able to release and resolve that which obstructs your inner expression of truth out into the world. You may then explore your presence of divine manifestation of your personal Truth in Being so that your life reflects the joy and love of who you truly are.

This being acknowledged as my purpose for this site, do feel through your own intuitive process, as to whether you are called to connect through Ruth Anne to receive the service she offers here.

It is indeed with Joy and Love that I, Archangel Metatron, do offer this healing love and guidance so that you may grow and heal from all past sorrow and pain due to existing within the realms of dualistic expression. And so, Dear Ones, I welcome you to partake of this loving opportunity to expand your conscious awareness, and to transform your lower vibrational energetic hindrances into that of the Light and Love of your own Being and So It Is.

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